Friday, 4 July 2014

The Word 'For Better For Worse' Do Not Cover Domestic Violence-Alibaba Tells Women

Click for Full Image Size Many people and celebrities have always tried to come out once in a while to address the issue of domestic violence. Female celebrities have raised alarm against this on several occasions. This time it is a male celebrity, comedian Alibaba.

The Ace Comedian, who is usually called the godfather of the comedy industry, says that the word for better for worse has its limits in marriage. He said this, because of women who face domestic violence in their marriage and still stay in such marriage because of the statement they made at the Altar while getting married ‘for better for worse’.

The comedian has acclaimed that if a man should raise his hands on a woman. The woman should leave such relationship, because the man will kill her. According to him he said taking a walk might not be good enough, but the victim should run for her life. The word ‘ for better for worse’ do not cover domestic violence in a relationship.

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