Tuesday, 1 July 2014

My Father Made The Awolowo Statue At Allen Roundabout—Sexy Steel

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Abbey Abuede aka Sexy Steel, is one man that can be rightly referred to as ‘jack of all trade and mater of all’. This is because he is into several things and what wonders many is expertise he displays in all what he does.

Though many people know him as a singer, but he is also an actor and a producer.

Seeing this handsome dude hold a clipper might surprise some people but to those who know him too well, barbing is one job he does well. In fact, it was learnt that he has been into the haircut business for ages.

In 1993, Sexy Steel won the American Latin Barbing Awards and from what we further gathered, he has been doing this since 1989 with the manual clipper before he started using blade and comb then the electric clipper, which is in use now.

"I am a barber, but people don't know because I don't do that in salon," he told a TV station recently. He added that if he was not into music, acting or doing his clothing line ‘Needle and Stitches,’ he would have been a footballer and played for Arsenal Football Club of England.

“The first person I barbed for while attempting to barb was my cousin and I was so confident that I could do it well, but I never learnt it from anybody and as such, I guaranteed him I was going to barb his hair well. But after everything, he cried because I spoilt his hair, but I never gave up,” he said.

The artiste revealed that his father made the Chief Awolowo statue at the Allen roundabout in Ikeja.

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