Tuesday, 27 May 2014

ROB KARDASHIAN Skipped KIM KARDASHIAN’s Wedding Over Weight Issues?

According to the latest Hollywood gossip, ROB KARDASHIAN skipped on his sister, KIM KARDASHIAN’s wedding over his own weight issues?
For real?!
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Everyone was shocked that Rob Kardashian, the brother of the bride, stormed off and didn’t attend his own sister’s wedding. No one knew the answer why he wasn’t at the wedding. It wasn’t until a source spilled the beans to a gossip site that it was revealed that he bailed out because of his weight insecurities.
According to TMZ, Rob bailed out because he didn’t want to be seen in the family photos because he looked overweight.
He was “depressed” and “insecure” over his new size, added the site. He just didn’t want to partake in the photo shoot despite continuous support from his family.
The site also stated:
“Things got heated because the more they insisted, the more Rob dug in his heels … and eventually he made the call to fly home alone.”
The Kardashians have yet to confirm this story.
Don’t you think that this might be true?

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