Monday, 11 August 2014

How President Jonathan, First Lady Treated Me When I Dated Their Daughter—Godswill Edward

Click for Full Image Size Godswill Osim Edward, the husband of President Jonathan's daughter, Faith Sakwe, has explained that the president’s family is a very humble one.

According to him, President Jonathan is a humble man that does not push or underestimate other families and also very accommodating.

He explained that what he loves about his wife, Faith Sakwe, is that she is also very humble and caring and does not expose the kind of family she comes from, stating that she associates with people well.

"What struck me was the humility of her parents, especially her dad. Both of them do not despise people and do not judge you based on your background. When I got to know her background, then I realized that indeed she was from a good home for her to have kept a low profile in school. I could see that she was indeed a replica of her parents. That is rare these days" he said

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